Mar 1, 2017

Making the Most of National Craft Month

Image by Capture by Lucy

Making the Most of National Craft Month

By mml pr intern Jenna Hart

Happy National Craft Month! Not only are arts and crafts a fun way to entertain ourselves, a way to bond with others and a trendy hack to save money, but they are also a therapeutic exercise that we can definitely jump on board with! Below are some amazing craft projects from our favorite blogs and a few Seedling kits that will kick-start your creative juices in no time.

Lauren Conrad “Make Your Own Flower Crown”

It’s almost festival season! Instead of fading into the background with a store-bought flower crown to go with your perfect Coachella outfit, you can craft your very own! This easy craft is a sure way to stand out in the crowd—use real flowers to have the added bonus of smelling fresh while looking like a flowery goddess. 


Images by Lauren Conrad

Seedling “DIY Friendship Bracelets

Speaking of music festivals, this Seedling DIY friendship bracelet kit is another fun and simple craft idea for festival season! The kit provides you with all the materials needed to make colorful bracelets to share with your friends and fellow music junkies while you are dancing your heart out in the desert.


Lauren Conrad “Ring Wall Hanging”

Looking for the perfect piece to decorate your apartment? This simple yet chic craft will fill that void on your bedroom wall. You could go out and buy one…but where is the fun in that?!  Plus, when everyone gives you compliments, you will be able to take all of the credit!



Images by Lauren Conrad

Seedling “Design Your Own Birdhouse

Now that the harsh, colder months are finally behind us, this craft is a wonderful way to embrace the warmer weather and the beauty of nature as spring approaches. This Seedling kit includes all the essential supplies you need to decorate an adorable birdhouse. Then place it on your porch or in your backyard to dress up your outdoor space, as well as provide the birds with a well-decorated home.



HGTV’s “Make Your Own Dinosaur Succulent Planter”

This bedside or coffee table accessory has been all the rage lately. These dinosaur planters are funky yet chic, and are a fun alternative to boring everyday planters. Finish the dinosaurs with metallic spray paint and place them where all your friends will be sure to ogle this simple DIY project.




Seedling “Design Out Loud Cardboard Speakers

This Seedling kit is packed with fun and creative supplies to decorate your speakers. So ditch your boring black ones and spend an afternoon personalizing your own! After you’ve finished crafting the perfect speakers, plug in your headphones and blast your favorite playlist.


Don’t be shy about your artistic ability! At mml pr we embrace inner creativity and with National Craft Month being the entire month of March we can’t wait to try out these DIY activities. Dedicate some time to yourself for crafting, or organize a crafting party for all your friends! Either way, let loose and create—it’s good for the soul. Happy crafting!!