Feb 13, 2017

Your Complete Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Your Complete Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Day

By mml pr intern Jenna Hart

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and planning the perfect night for you and your partner can be stressful! We want to be creative, but also practical and economical, and all the pressure to have the perfect date night may prove to be overwhelming. To relieve some stress and provide effortless inspiration to you, here are some easy but perfectly romantic ways to make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet!

It’s a well-known fact that most restaurants are completely booked on Valentine’s Day. Cupid himself probably couldn’t get a reservation at that romantic Italian restaurant or arrange a candle-lit dinner at that local rooftop bar. But don’t let any of this discourage you! Here are some other options that are just as perfect for the ideal Valentine’s date night!

  •  Eat In: This seems so simple, but if you want to skip the crazy crowds at restaurants, order in from your favorite place or plan a fun meal that you can cook together. With this plan, you can even wear your comfy clothes and cuddle on the couch with some yummy dinner!
  • See a Movie: We all live such hectic lives between work, school and family that we neglect to devote time to ourselves. Going to a movie and reclining in those comfy chairs with one hand intertwined with your lover’s and your other hand digging into the buttery popcorn bucket is both relaxing and romantic. It forces you both to take a break from the craziness of life, but also allows you to spend quality time together…and usually makes for great conversation after as you share your thoughts on the flick!
  • Play Outside: Whether you live in the sunshine or in the freezing cold snow, escaping to nature is always a fun idea! Go on a hike with your partner and then have a cute picnic after while watching the sunset. Or if you live somewhere cold, play in the snow and make some hot cocoa to enjoy over a bonfire together. This idea is practically free, but can be so romantic!

Valentine’s Day is not just a day dedicated to spending quality time with our loved one; it’s also the perfect excuse to pamper ourselves! It’s the perfect time to break out that daring, bold red lip, and take that dark winter polish off and replace it with a Valentine’s Day pink to set the mood. Here are some must-have products to have for your perfect V-day look!

  •  Start off your look by smelling fresh and exfoliating that dry winter skin. Use Arcona Fruit Enzyme Body Scrub in the shower to look and feel your sexiest all day and all night long.

  • Whether your prefer a romantic red like Really Red by essie or a playful pink like essie’s Ballet Slippers polish, essie has the perfect shade for you! Here are some great long-lasting choices.

  • If you are wanting a more subtle but chic look for your lips, try Mary Kay True Dimensions Sheer Lipstick in Subtly You. This product not only provides you with a pretty pink lip shade, but also moisturizes your lips and leaves a lasting shimmer that will make you lips so kissable.

  • To finish off your Valentine’s Day look, try Anastasia's Glow Kit in Sweets to lock in the popular highlighted look. This product promises longevity and ultimate shimmer to play up your date night look that will accentuate your cheeks in the candlelight.

Not only are DIY Valentine’s Day gifts cost efficient, but they are also so sweet and thoughtful and will make your partner feel so special and loved. You don’t even need to be crafty—these ideas are simple and completely manageable for any skill level! And don’t worry if they don’t turn out perfect…it’s the thought that counts!!

  •  Valentine’s Day Cards: Lauren Conrad exemplifies #goals when it comes to DIY Valentine cards! Here are some cute ideas that can be made with stuff you find around the house! 


Images by Lauren Conrad

  •  Love Post-Its: If you don’t feel so confident in your artistic skills but still want to show your love on Valentine’s Day, try this! Simply just stick a bunch of Post-It notes on the mirror in the shape of a heart, with each note stating a reason why you love and adore them. So easy, yet so romantic!

  • DIY Picture Frame: Buy a blank frame and decorate it however you want! You can paint on a design or use a Sharpie to write love messages. Then insert your favorite picture of the two of you, or leave it empty and fill it with a cute pic from this Valentine’s Day!

What is Valentine’s Day without some sweet treats?! You can always go and buy a box of assorted chocolates, but if you are feeling creative and adventurous, try these DIY recipes to make this the sweetest Valentine’s Day ever!


“Short on time and supplies? Use a spoon to drizzle icing all over your cookies in one go. That's it! Artsy, beautiful, and easy.”


“When you're using multiple colors and sprinkles on one cookie, let the icing dry for a minute between layers, or else the sprinkles will stick to the wrong areas. For these cute lipstick tubes, I iced and topped the black portions first, let them dry for 10 minutes, shook off excess sprinkles, then went back and added the red.”


“For professional results, I recommend using two icing consistencies: Piping and Flooding. It's a lot like applying lipstick, actually! The piping is a little thicker and acts like a liner in that it creates an outline and helps prevent bleeding. The flooding consistency is what you use to fill in. If you're not a frequent cookie decorator and don't have pastry bags or professional tips handy, don't worry! Just apply the piping carefully with a toothpick. Next, add a few drops of water to dilute your icing to flooding consistency. Spread the slightly thinner icing with a butter knife. Add sprinkles while the icing is still wet, then let the cookies set for a few hours.”

With the above tips from Roopika Malhotra, you and your partner or friends can spend the day decorating some fabulous sugar cookies with all things pink and red!

  • Funfetti Cake Pops! Throw some red or pink food coloring in the batter to complete the romantic theme.

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year that we can completely devote to the one we love or ones we love. Planning fun ways to spend time together, pampering ourselves and using products that make us feel our best and crafting fun projects and recipes are all ways to ensure that we have the best Valentine’s Day yet!